Clemens gave us wonderfully emotional pictures of the baptism of our first son.
His understanding of human nature was convincing in every dimension,

Maria, age 34Mother

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We will accompany you throughout the shooting with patience, empathy & flexibility. We assure to keep you happy

Bespoke Solution

We will find the perfect time, date and place for your request. Even if the weather changes we will provide you with adaptability.

Generous Photo Selection

You can select your favourite photos. On request we happily duplicate the top 10 shots in black and white or baby sepia.


Quick & Easy

our cheapest

30 minutes at location

30 minutes basic editing

no retouch

10 high quality 4K photos

no black & white duplicates



our most popular

60 minutes at location

30 minutes basic editing

basic retouch

20-30 high quality 4K photos

black & white duplicates


Hollywood Life

our most luxurious

80 minutes at location

30 minutes advanced editing

advanced retouch

30+ high quality 4K photos

black & white duplicates

artistic duplicates

Our special "Baby Sepia" filter. It's no black & white. Emphasising on the purity and essence of young families.
Available in Standard and Premium Bookings. Compare below.

Extension of Shooting for all bundles possible. Price may vary.

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Shooting Scenarios


Crowded areas but full focus on the baby and family.

At Home

Comforting atmosphere while offering creative angles to daily motives.


Outdoors will capture lasting memories. No one will disturb your family moments.

Sea Side

Water brings a calming effect to every captures, allowing summer breeze moments.


Happy Families


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