The Story Behind The Name

Unveraendert was one day chosen, to focus on the essence of the original capture, guaranteeing authenticity.  The end result of my work will always remain rich of emotional content, so even in ten years time you can reflect on the moment that you lived.

Ultimately, the company offers a wide range of services for all aspects around visual work & photography. Unverändert, as a new identity, highlights the German origin of Clemens merged with the “made in Germany” quality assurance approach.


I hope you want to be surprised and delighted when you see the images from your requested event. Your photographs should be an honest interpretation of this significant event. Using the most advanced and modern cameras and computerized photography equipment, in his unique and artistic way, Clemens will make sure that the documentation of your event will be done in the most professional way. Standing above all is his desire to make the customer 100% happy.

A warm personality matched with great deal of sensitivity, allow him to work on magical moments, freezing memories in a flash. Clemens will be more than happy to set up a meeting so you can plan together a memorable package of your greatest event by offering a bespoke solution.

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Interview with Clemens P. Meyer

A creative with a heart for kids

What is unique about your work?

The work without a studio. I focus on the environment as it is presented to me, allowing my work a multi-faceted approach. You cannot expect to portrait an individual’s character if you lazily place them in front of a grey wall. For engineers, structures in the background are a resemblance of their thinking process. For creatives, the graffiti background allows their rebellious charisma to shine. For lawyers and consultants, glass facade is a go-to background. Reduced in colours yet not too stern on the eye portraying their human side.

I will always depend a bit on the weather, but that’s life. A bridal shoot in the rain can carry the most magical moments. Just sayin’..

Why Unveraendert?

I always had the desire to break existing conventions, hence matching a german word with an international domain. Unveraendert emphasises on generating unchanged emotions on every photo that even after a decade you will be able to think back to that moment.

How do you receive creative inspirations?

By scanning our everyday world. I gather a lot of thoughts from listening to a wide range of music, even before some shootings. And definitely during the post edit process. Have a look on Spotify if you are curious.

What is a perfect photo for you?

A symbiosis, matching all four essential criteria within photography: composition, emotions, golden ratio (angle and perspective) and technical ability. It is hard to even complete your work matching three out of four. Now imagine a capture that contains all four out of four.

Why are your raw captures still edited at the end?

I distinguish between editing a photo and an artistic duplicate. The common editing is done well, when the neutral viewer finds it hard to make out “obvious” editing enhancements. On the other hand, artistic duplicates are photos that have been polished in a more abstract way regarding colours, grain, tone curve and split toning. I am not the biggest fan of presets, but it supports my progress as a creative source. A client’s favourite has to be vintage or baby sepia. All presets will be available soon to purchase as a download.

What is the ultimate goal?

100% customer happiness all day, every day. Since I am a people’s person at heart I am only happy if my client is happy. Until then the project cannot be concluded.

The creed and foundation of his company is based solely on working in the natural environment, totally neglecting the needs to work in a studio. Hence the results remain emotionally untouched allowing multi-facetted compositions.

We believe that in the age of digital devices, photography should still be considered an analogue craftsmanship. As you engage with many physical elements from the prediction of speed and  the angle of lighting, Clemens remains at heart a traditional artist. The blossom of his craft is always unchanged to his capture, emphasising to freeze “the moment”.